International Operation

  • Operating in fiercely competitive market,Livewell pharma. In a short span of time has become the fastest growing healthcare company in the country. We have set the standards for healthcare & personal care products at national level purely based on quality & efficacy of products.

    Now further pursuing the expansion strategy Livewell pharma began spreading its wings beyond domestic market with thrust to achieve it’s global aspiration.

    Our portfolio consist a number of Innovative products in different therapeutic areas & in various dosage forms .We offer Innovative products for the therapeutic conditions of bone and joint diseases,Central nervous system treatments, circulatory system agents, dermatologic agents, health supplements, and others.

    We also offer personal care products designed for general skin & body care as well as cure for specific problems like acne ,scars, pigmentation ,ageing & fairness cream specially for men & women separately. The ingredients comprise of natural flower & fruit extracts & essential oils for best results.

    We have expanded our operations in many Geographies .We have a significant presence in the in Asian countries. Major export area are Combodia, Philipines, Myanmar, and Asian Sarc countries. Nevertheless we stepped out to Nigeria & other African continental countries. We will be launching these products in the near future as we grow our African & Asian operations with a focus on a broad range of products including some niche generic medicines.

    The Company is completely geared for it in terms of technical capabilities, international accreditations, cost advantages and geographical reach.